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Touring The Angel: 2005.10.28 - 2006.08.01

Touring The Angel: Warszawa

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Touring The Angel: Warsaw, Legia Stadium / 2006.06.09


Intro [excerpt from I Want It All]
A Pain That I'm Used To
A Question Of Time
Suffer Well
Walking In My Shoes
It Doesn't Matter Two
In Your Room
Nothing's Impossible
John The Revelator
I Feel You
Behind The Wheel
World In My Eyes
Personal Jesus
Enjoy The Silence
Leave In Silence
Never Let Me Down Again

Speak & Spell - 1
A Broken Frame - 1
Black Celebration - 3
Music For The Masses - 2
Violator - 3
Songs Of Faith And Devotion - 3
Ultra - 1
Playing The Angel - 5

Concert no: 099 (096)

Date: 2006.06.09 (Friday)

Location: Stadion Legii, Łazienkowska 3, Warsaw / Poland

Opening Act: Timo Maas, Pati Young, dj Hirek, dj Mario

Audience: nominal ~30000 / actual: ~24000

Rec of gig: Bootleg Audio / Bootleg Video


Comment: depeche MODE played the same set-list as in Aarhus. The band and the crowd were very pleased that night. Dave's voice was very good. It was wet in the air, so his voice was very strong and long lasting.

The preformance was very energetic tonight. Dave was clearly enjoying the show as he smiled all the way through the concert. He entered the catwalk 3 or 4 times, every time to the enthusiastic response of the audience. Mart did it once as well.

For the audience every song they played sounded like it was an instatnt crowd pleaser. As I listen to LHN from Warsaw's gig I think Suffer Well [123] can be now classified in the same league with Enjoy The Silence [123], Personal Jesus [123], and Never Let Me Down Again [121].

The best moment for me was to see the band, especially Dave, performing Photographic [42]. Also the - bright lights / dark room - projections were well mixed with the music.

Band had some errors during the show:

Stripped [46] - Dave missed a line in the end. Nothing's Impossible [33] - I think Dave missed a line here aswell. World In My Eyes [122] - Mart missed a little on the synth, pretty funny. For me Home [123] was the best song of this night, I have never heard Mart singing this good... such feelings and interpretation. Listen to the LHN from this show it's the best. Never Let Me Down Again [123] - Polish audience made this song awesome.

Another highlight for me was Leave In Silence [26]. After the song had ended the crowd was still singing the "oooh's" and when Dave came back to the stage he prompted the audience to keep on singing. Dave started conducting the crowd and then Peter started playing the chords to "help" the crowd. It was something like the end of Just Can't Get Enough [79] during first period of Touring The Angel. As well when the audience shouted: Andrew Fletcher; Christian played on the bass drum in rythm with the audience... Andy and the rest of the band were very pleased, so Dave asked What about Peter? <lol>

Over all it was a nice show, Eigner gave everything and Gordeno improvised a lot and had fun. Daves voice was very tired but it doesn't matter as he gave such an stage-performance and because of Marts great shape.


The first dj was ok, just playing lots of 80s bestof in two hours. The first warm-up-band (some polish band) were pretty good and they had a great vocalist. Was standing about 5 meters from the scene and it started raining which was pretty bad... Timo Maas was awesome. His 1 hour dj set was spendid and he showed how good he was... I had the opportunity of thanking him after dM and he seemed like a nice bloke. Hope seeing more of him (live and remixing dm)

Komentarz: Jednym ze śmieszniejszych momentów Koncertu było skandowanie imienia Andiego. Fani co jakiś czas obok krzyczenia 'depeche MODE, David, Martin', zaczęli krzyczeć 'Andy Fletcher'. Co wywołało reakcję Davea, który się spytał: 'What about Peter?' Niektórzy fani zrozumieli to jako 'What about pizza?' Przeszło już to do historii podobnie jak przeinaczenie wokalizy w czasie Pimpf, którą amerykańscy fani nazywają 'Cold Beer' ;-)

Dla mnie hajlajtem Koncertu było Suffer Well [123], które wypadło nad wyraz dobrze. Jeżeli publika gra bardzo dobrze pracuje na koncercie, to Dave oddaje jej do zaśpiewania wers z tego numeru. To nie zdarzało się nad wyraz często na tej trasie. Tylko najlepsze Koncerty tak miały. Na tej trasie to właśnie ten numer był dla mnie miernikiem jakości Koncertu.

Również Leave In Silence [26] było mocnym fragmentem tego Koncertu. Publika długo po zakończeniu utworu zaśpiewywała 'Oooooohhhh'. Dave podpuścił publikę do śpiewania dalej, a Christian i Peter zaczęli grać pojedyncze nuty / uderzenia, żeby dopomóc publice w zawodzeniu.

Z drobniejszych wpadek - World In My Eyes [122] - Mart zgubił kilka taktów w czasie tego utworu. Dave zgubił linijkę w czasie końcówki Stripped [46].

Zamiast relacji wypowiedź Pati Young, która rozgrzewała publikę, przed głównym koncertem:


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